Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Couldn't Resist Anymore

I have been very good. I have not posted pictures on my blog of the new kittens, nor have I made any overly sappy videos of them aimlessly crawling around looking for their Mother. However, I get home today, and there are kittens everywhere. So here we go.

This first one is Lucifer. He may not look evil, but when he was first born, he was just plain mean. First kitten I had ever seen that hissed and growled.

I haven't really named this one yet, but she is all about comfort and relaxation. I can respect that. A lot.

This one's also figured out that rolling around on her back equals belly rubs. I don't know who is spoiling these cats...

This one isn't named yet either, but she is the vocal one of the group. This one was hiding under the coffee table when I got home and it took a minute to locate the source of a lot of noise.

This one's going to look a lot like Topaz. Which means she may end up being the evil one after all.

Lastly there's the black one. This one has a little gray in his face and legs, but most of all this kitten is huge. You can't tell from this picture, but he is double the size of the others and gets the choice tap at feeding time.

So there they are. Please come by and pick one up. We're having a special. Get one for free and get the other three at no cost! No interest until 3008 on select models. Sale ends never.

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