Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Did It!

I amaze even myself sometimes.

I got two old laptops from work a few months ago. One of them does not have a working monitor and the other one had a DMV like problem.

Let me explain a DMV problem. A DMV problem is similar to the time that I was trying to get my driver's license back. I needed documentation of my new address to make the change and insurance but because I didn't have a driver's license I was unable to get the documentation needed to get the information needed to get a license. You get the idea.

I could not connect to the internet with the laptop that had the working monitor. I know that XP was going to be too big, and it came with Windows 2000. The problem with 2000 was I didn't have an advanced enough browser to install the drivers that I needed to run the Linksys wireless card. XP has the sufficient browser and the ability to install drivers on the fly but I didn't have enough computer to run XP. So I was stuck in a loop.

I think tried 3 versions of Linux. Ubuntu and Suse each had issues with the wireless card too and Xbuntu had issues with the monitor, so I figured I'd try XP again. I would love to become a power Linux user, but mounting a driver for an XP ready wireless card is a pain in the ass to do with command lines. Maybe one day I'll be that smart, but that day is not today.

It took a day to install and apply all the XP updates. I think I had to reboot a dozen times, but it's working. I can't really do anything but Internet because all of the memory is dedicated to running XP and I have about 4GB of hard drive left.

I think I'm going to head out and buy a small external HD and I'm going to price upgrading the memory. As is. I'll spend maybe a hundred bucks to have a really good laptop. I think it's cool too to have something so old school running too. This will definitely grab some attention at the Starbucks because of the super old loud clicky keyboard!

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