Sunday, April 6, 2008

Laid Back and Reflecting

Normally on Sundays, Janine is off and we get to sleep in. This morning, we were up around 8AM to do some charity work through her employer. It's actually a lot of fun. I'm either cleaning glasses or I'm helping Janine figure out the prescription and bagging them so they're distributed to people that really need them.

Once that good deed of the day was done, we had some breakfast, went to the local Goodwill and headed home. She had to work tonight mostly to have a sign put up. She's leaving from there now so I figured I'd drop in for a minute and share my thoughts on the week.

Life has not been easy these past few months. It definitely seems the dollar I make doesn't go near as far as it used to. I'm sure everyone's feeling the pinch in some way or another. Some worse than others. I'm thankful though that I'm getting a nice tax return to keep us on our feet and not in a position to fall behind like so many families are now. We're very fortunate and I wish there was some secret to us doing so well other than we both try our best to live blessed and fulfilled lives every single day.

I've certainly been in that hole though. The one thing I always try to share from my experience is that every rough patch passes. We are all here with the instinct to survive and make it another day. That not only goes with our mortality, but also with our finances, our families, our friends, everything. To those who are hurting or feeling alone or empty, the rough times will pass and better times will come. Just hang in there.

Be strong readers, be safe.


  1. I *think* I'm finally able to read your blog without it closing down IE or AOL. Sometimes I can, and other times, I'm shaking my fist at my 'puter.

    Trying to get caught up.

    Sorry to hear about your grandma. =(

    Yes, I noticed you posted a lot about eating out and where you were going, etc. I thought wow, he sure posts a lot about food. It made me hungry. LOL

    Definitely scary times upon us. If the husband had to pay for gas and didn't have a company gas card, we'd be screwed. I don't know how people afford to drive to work, let alone heat their homes and pay their bills.

    And by the way, yes, it's Kel. I gave up on myspace blogging...considering I keep it set to private, it doesn't make a lot of sense. So I started a couple new blogs. Just what I need...things to distract my one-track mind. But, and there's always a but, it's making me write more, and that's a positive.

  2. So where is your blog now so I can adjust my blogroll thingy over on the right column...thingy.