Saturday, April 5, 2008

Music Pick of the Week

We all remember the days of mix tapes. At least I'd like to think there aren't people walking this earth that never had a stack of cassette tapes that were made by mixing songs from other tapes or even the radio....

Now that I feel old, maybe I should make my plug for pick of the week. Muxtape is a simple service that allows users to upload twelve songs of their choice. You're able to order the songs as you like and remove the ones that you no longer want. Once that's completed, your Muxtape URL works just like a virtual mixtape, by streaming the audio back to the people you share the mixtape with.

I had fun setting mine up, the only problem I've had is a weird inability to use this with Firefox. This does work great with Internet Explorer and Safari. I'm sure they'll get that fixed soon. No user in their right mind would use anything other than Firefox!

Here is my Muxtape playlist. Check it out. I'm so proud of it! I want to know yours too, so leave me a comment if you have one.

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