Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Actual Weekend

I think our plans changed a few times over the weekend.

Originally, I figured we were going to see my brother and visit DC. We later decided to visit my parents on Sunday. We later decided to spend the weekend at home and relax. So we did.

We did go to the gym and we ate really good all weekend so mission accomplished. Janine then suggested we go to the Canal Walk. Since I had never really been, I figured we could use the walking so I grabbed the camera and away we went. Janine and I snapped a bunch of pictures and I'm going to post a sampling below. The rest I'm linking to our Flickr page, in case anyone wants to see more.

You should be able to notice Janine's pictures, her's were so much better than mine!

You can read a brief history of the Canal here.

One of the bridges that takes people over the canal.

There's something about parks wrapped in urban areas that really appeal to me.

Great picture, yeah Janine took it. The lighting is awesome!

I did take one good picture. This was the sun setting on Saturday night. I could almost feel the history all around me. I would recommend anyone taking the day and walking the canal.

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  1. You should submit this to digg. Awesome pictures (even yours) :)