Friday, April 11, 2008

So Bummed!

I got my first real big break in the Midwest when I got a job with American Trans Air. I worked for their reservations department and then their in house travel agency before moving back to Virginia in 1998.

The company was very well run and I simply loved working there. We were cutting edge and competing with all the big carriers despite the airline having a single vision. ATA mostly was a vacation airline to it's customers and a charter airline with contacts with the military, etc.

On April 2nd, the airline filed for bankruptcy. That makes me so sad. I feel horrible for the low cost airlines that aren't able to sustain themselves during this slowdown. We're just going to be left with the big carriers and they'll go back to their insane price gouging again soon enough.

I'm kinda glad I got out of the travel industry when I did!

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