Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Calling out All Alien Haters

Janine and I went to see a darn good movie yesterday. A darn good movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I will agree with critics that the movie is great for Indy fans, but it's pretty much the same kind of film for anyone else. But that's not why I'm posting. I'm posting because of statements involving how far fetched this movie was especially as it involved people from another planet.

We all know that Spielberg loves his aliens and this movie now completes the Spielberg alien collection, but I can't for the life of me understand the exasperation with this movie!

Let's recap the first three Jones movies, shall we? The first movie, Indy is drawn into an international affair involving an ark created by Moses to house the 10 Commandments, the rod of Aaron and other artifacts (my theological background shines when it comes to these things).

The movie is packed with action in which the ark is found by Indy, captured by the Nazis, retaken by Indy and so forth. The outcome of the movie involves angels melting the faces off of the Nazis. Epic win.

The second movie was also good, but it was definately lacking. This movie involved idols that were taken from an Indian village. Not only that, all the children were taken and fall into servitude of a dark priest in the Temple of Doom.

The idols have the power to rule the world! Indy has to endure capture and escape to free the kids and restore the idols to their rightful owners. Another epic win.

I just thought this movie would have been better if there was a better supporting cast.

Then we have the "Last" Crusade where Dr. Jones has come across information thanks to the life work of his father, Sean Connery. Yes! Great acting is back!

Again, same plot line as before, after several twists and turns, Indy finds the grail. This grail has the power to heal and grant eternal life, none of this is Biblical, it's just belief begun centuries ago by crusaders that tore into the Holy Lands to find immortality. This one was not so much of an epic win, but it was entertaining, nonetheless.

So now the fourth movie comes out and all I can see are complaints that there are aliens in the film and I'm sorry, people, you are reaching to not like this movie. I'm not sure what agenda some people have, but I'm convinced there's a greater conspiracy about people not liking this movie than there is a conspiracy about aliens in real life!

To the naysayers, I say "Get over it!" After a movie involving angels, healing idols, priests that can pull out flaming hearts, grails that grant enternal life, and a fictional charactor(that has single handedly made both archeology and anthropology attractive sciences), aliens should be the least of your gripes! It's not a fair standard to rant and bitch about something that's far fetched when every single movie is based on something that's far fetched. That's the beauty of these movies!

The movie dosen't even come across as sci fi. It comes across as a movie based on possible historical elements just the same as the other three movies. Instead of souring the experience to people that really care about this series, go sour something I don't care about, like one of the hundred other alien movies that Steven Spielberg has created!


  1. I love how you called out those who took a grudge against aliens being in an Indiana Jones movie by juxtaposing it against the angels, and magical artifacts that existed in the other films that they touted as being great works. The movie is a great example of sci-fi because Lucas takes historical oddities and asks "what if" which is at the heart of all sci-fi. The results of the question and the answers if given being the least important part rather than it's ability to provoke thought and considerations of ones relation to the life that moves about them. That and I have to say making the aliens from another dimension rather then from another planet was a nice touch :)

  2. That's just because we're right and everyone else isn't.


  3. The only thing that the movie was missing was James Wood following a trail of M&M's to a cave that held E.T. Awesome.