Sunday, May 25, 2008

The iPod and Me

So I've had the iPod Touch for over a month now and I'm still blown away by it. I know I talked about this a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to share a few things that I enjoy about this device and some of the things that fall short about it. First of all, I am so thankful to have received such a freaking cool gift! I enjoy it everyday and with my other iPod, I have everything I need in my pockets!

So why am I still attached to this thing at the hip? The screen is big and beautiful. I have movies, music videos, and podcasts loaded just as I do on my other iPod. I have a handful of songs, and I have my pictures loaded, just like my iPod. The difference maker is the wireless internet.

Now I can watch streamming programming. This morning I was on Revision 3 and watching their lineup. I didn't have to download a single podcast, sync it up, and go back to bed. I just got up, connected, and watched.

So, are there any worthwhile mobile sites yet? A lot of sites have created a mobile site, heck I created one myself out of my news feed. Here's a list of mobile pages. This is a really helpful link and has an exhaustive list of everything M.

Of course, the social networking sites have staked their claim on the mobile space. Twitter, Facebook, Pownce, Jaiku, and others make it easy to log in and post on the go. My bank has a mobile site, I can check movie times easily, it's going to be the next big wave. I can find cheap gas. The map feature and YouTube both work great on this device. My Dad got on that train long ago, though. Just shows I needed to catch up with the times.

With wireless, however, comes the one issue that I've had with my iPod and that's lack of connectivity. More places need to start putting up free wi-fi access, because more and more people are going to be wirleless, be it through their laptops or through their smart phones/devices. They are really missing out on getting traffic to their site!

All in all, I really enjoy this iPod. With the SDK coming next month, I'm really looking forward to having more applications on my Touch. It's been a worth while investment.

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  1. It's great to hear that others enjoy the ipod touch as much as I do :)