Sunday, May 4, 2008

Plugging and Plugging

In relation to my new shiny mobile device, I wanted to plug some sites this week that helps me get those noisy social networks into one place. With the explosion of Twitter, Pownce, Facebook, and others, there has become an increasing need to pull everything into one place. I'm going to review and plug three services that help me do just that.

Friendfeed was created by former Google employees who have a single desire to reign their feeds and turn it into one big feed. That feed can then create it's own social interaction with other Friendfeed users. This doesn't only benefit people that have accounts in multiple services, but it can work as a feed reader just by creating an "Imaginary Friend", and import your own feeds from friends, or from any other RSS feed to create something that gives Google Reader a run for its money.

I'm partial to the feeds, the ability to reply to Twitter messages, and the flexibility to keep up with just the things that I want to keep up with.

Socialthing goes where Friendfeed stops. For now, it's just limited to a few services, but this service works perfectly for me because it allows me to keep up with Twitter, Pownce, and Facebook messages. It also allows me to post on all three services at once, or separately. I enjoy the interface on their site and I hope they can continue to expand.

I also have invites to Socialthing, so if anyone wants one, I'll be glad to send one out.
is the simplest of all services in that it just allows people to post to one or multiple services. There is no feed or interaction from the site yet, but it's very handy for someone who has to post something quickly and doesn't have time to deal with feeds, tweets, people spamming, etc.

Sites are now trying to cut down on that noise that came from this recent flood of services. Consolidating things has always made great business sense. These guys are really onto something and it will only get better from here.

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