Friday, May 30, 2008


With the new blog and the new house coming up, my thoughts have been pretty narrow, but I think it's time for some randomnes!

  • Being dressed up like a pirate in a resturant and selling fish to tourists dosen't sound like such a bad career choice sometimes.
  • The gas guarantee commercials from Jeep are annoying as hell!
  • I see a 42 inch LCD in my future, and a lot more drooling.
  • Is it a part of old age to loose control of bodily functions? I've been talking about drooling lately.
  • Anyday now I'm hoping to win the mega millions. I might want to start playing.
  • How can homeowners afford property taxes? I mean really? That's a lot of money that I'm going to give the state just to throw away.
  • Speaking of throwing away money, might I say that Gov Kaine has been a tremendous failure? To watch a state government receive hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes and then LOSE it all and then have the audacity to ask for more just makes my skin crawl.
  • We'll be saying goodbye soon to the latest batch of kittens, but I have to say I'm going to miss Dora the most. She's sitting on my lap now fascinated by me typing.
  • I see me sitting on my back porch when we get our house typing on my blog. That's going to be so nice.
  • Janine has done a really great job of getting our thoughts organized for this next stage in our lives. I'm so proud of her, it's indescribable. I'll try anyway. She's just been wondeful.
  • Using one of those motorless lawnmowers is great fun provided you have an already manicured lawn. It's not fun to try to cut through several inches of grass at once!

That's all for today folks, as always I leave you with a random comedic clip. Today, it's Brian Regan!