Sunday, June 1, 2008


..are very hard to write. Just looking at my blog alone, the themes, the message, the content of the blog has changed consistently every couple months since it began in 2004. Originally, I just posted thoughts, then I posted about my music, then I blogged more about the geeky side of Mike, then I did a hodgepodge, then I tried to put things in categories.

Despite the pains, however, this has all been worth it all. I've learned so much. I have learned to really think things out. It's made me a more careful person. It's broadened my horizons. I've even learned to spell better, which I never thought would happen.

So there is no point to this post other than really recommending that everyone work on their blogs, join Twitter or any number of social networks, and have fun with it. The worst thing that could happen is that more horizons are broadened...with the help of a vehicle to carry my thoughts from my mind to my hands and then to the world.