Monday, June 16, 2008

Firefox Download Day

If there is one recurring theme on my blog it's for people to download Firefox. With Internet Explorer finally catching up to safety and to internet standards, I have not banged this drum quite as much or quite as loud.

I also was not happy with Firefox version 2. It took a lot more memory, it crashed a lot more, and the basic features were just...boring. But now comes version 3.

I have been beta testing the new Firefox and giving input where I could and I believe that this product has made a complete 180 from the previous version. I am again banging that drum and asking that everyone take a few minutes to download the Firefox browser (set up is real easy) and start enjoying the new features right away.

The new browser has a much better bookmarking system including tagging which adds another dimension to those who have a lot of favorite sites. The platform has completely changed so development has increased almost as it was when it first rolled out. The best part about Firefox has to be the extensions. They all seem to work that much better with this release too.

Enough yapping for me, though. Tomorrow Mozilla is trying to break a world record by having the most downloads in one day, so please help them reach their goal and help yourself with a pretty cool browser. You'll thank me later...hopefully.