Sunday, June 15, 2008

Geeky Father's Day 2008

I have gone on and on about my Dad since I started this blog. It's still my opinion that he is the most rugged, yet engaging, caring, and devoted person that I'll ever know. I've mentioned before several times about his rough upbringing in post depression Virginia. He has always had to struggle and fight for what he's gotten out of life, yet he's very happy with what he does have. It's a lesson to us all to embrace the good things that we have in life and accept the hand that we're given. A lot of times that's not a bad deal if we really really think about it.

There's a new twist to my old man now. I thought about what I was going to send to him for Father's Day this year and I decided to give him a gift certificate to Now some people might read over that and not really think about what was said, but let's remember who is receiving a gift card from an internet retailer. My Dad!

Over the past few months he's become quite the geek. He has always loved his cell phone and has learned how to send SMS messages, how to use Google Maps on his phone, even tricks to upload photos directly to his PC. He does things with that basic LG phone that most people could never imagine to do.

Now with his Vista machine, which he has still operated flawlessly without any problems, he's starting to find sites that have creative fonts so that he can design personalized cards for his wife and grand kids, he's formatting Excel worksheets, I had to help him format margins for cards he was printing for his hunt club, he's learning how to use Google Street View to find old friends, and he's like a dry sponge ready to soak it all in!

So this year, he's going to take the gift card that I sent him and he's going to shop online for mp3's, maybe a book, or perhaps get his first mp3 player. As usual I think I have created a monster, but looking back he's always been a monster, but not in a bad way, just a monster that's so full of love and is so much in love with learning the good and simple things in life. Yet again, he teaches me so much without even saying a word.

I love you Dad, I'm so glad I got to share another year with you. I hope this ride never, ever ends!