Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's a Random Attack!

You know what time it is

  • I'm currently listening to In Flames - Drenched in Fear off their new album
  • My day is just starting. The midnight movie really drained me. I got home yesterday afternoon and took a 2 hour nap. Then went to bed about midnight and slept until 9. I haven't gotten this much sleep since before I went to college I think.
  • I won't make any more mentions of The Dark Knight....oops, too late.
  • I'll be on Powncecast again tomorrow. I'm working on my material this morning, he won't know what hit him.
  • Meeting went well with the Real Estate agent. I think we're going to settle for him, he knows what he's doing and specializes in first time buyers.
  • The debate is now which house do we buy? There's one that's about 5 miles from here that's really nice in our price range and gives us a lot more space and yard than the other options, or do we pick somethin close to work in a great neighborhood but settle for a much, much smaller house and yard for the same price. Tis a quandry!
  • I chewed and entire pack of DoubleMint gum the other night. My mouth is still numb..
  • My thoughts on having three cats now? Ugh!!!
  • The dishes are done so I'm being productive today. Once I do some straightening up and laundry, I'm all done with housework for the weekend.
You survived another bout of the Randoms, to reward you, here's another random comedian, it's also his birthday, Mr. Jim Norton!