Thursday, July 10, 2008

And Then There's Maude

Janine and I had an interesting night. One of the kittens..that we still have...was getting sick, I thought it was just a cold so we took her into our room to recover.

Come to find out she had bigger problems than that, so we took her to the vet and got her all fixed up. She looks like she's still in a daze, but she's recovering just fine. After spending that kind of money on a cat, we are definitely going to keep her. We named her Maude

I reached in to grab a soda the other morning and ended up grabbing another kitten. This is Mr. Soot and he likes hiding in small spaces. He also likes to impersonate soft drinks!

Smooth move Mr. Soot, however you are not a tasty and refreshing Coca Cola, you are merely an undercooked kitten!

Lastly I wanted to plug something that Janine and I find great value in as will many people that have a large record and/or Victrola collection.

Recordsmith is a local collector and seller of old records. Walter also restores and has the technology to convert old records to digital mp3 style formats. I wanted to quickly plug his site because he has a huge collection and he puts them on auction at eBay. So if you collect records, look him up, especially those in the Richmond area. He's just down the road!