Friday, July 25, 2008

Mike's Happy Friday Metal Mess

No, I'm not floating another idea for my blog, there's just a few things I want to share, so here goes.

Janine and I were discussing attending the Mayhem tour next month in DC. We very well could be going and that would be mind blowing. The link to the band lineup is here, I posted about it months ago not thinking I was going. The video above is new stuff from Slipknot, tour headliners. It'll be fun to get back to seeing some shows again. There's so much going on here, but I'm so busy at home, I never have time to go see anything.

Also, who knew that twenty five years ago, Metallica released Kill Em All and launched them to rock stardom? Twenty five years ago! What do you get for something like that, a headbangers silver anniversary edition record? Talk about making me feel grandfatherly! Here's some really older than Moses footage of them playing. Shh, that's Dave Mustaine at guitar.