Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is Serious Business!

So I posed a question to my friends at Pownce and as always they delivered.

A lot of people have asked in light of the epic success of The Dark Knight, and the brilliance and immortality of Heath Ledger as the Joker, who's going to be the next bad guy? I pondered that for only a mere moment before my geekdar perked at the prospect of The Riddler being the next super villan. I even saw a suggest that Eddie Izzard would be perfect for that role.

I couldn't agree more!

But I posed the question on Pownce and here are the responses that I got (and I got them fast too)

Alan suggested: Eddie Izzard would be incredible. Or Ricky Gervais. Eddie has better tempo/faster though. Paul Giamatti would rock it. He was a hilarious villan in Shoot 'Em Up. For that matter, Clive Owen would make for a great villan. I say bravo, those are awesome suggestions!

Libby added: I'm ready for a really good female villian NOT played by a popular actress. I really love chris nolan's direction, and I'd also actually like to see some Darron Aronofsky demented editing. Maybe bring him in as a consultant. Paul Giamatti is also an excellent choice. He's a great actor who really gets into his roles. I say I agree. Not only is Riddler a great idea, but throw in The Catwoman and it's butter! The Paul Giamatti idea is also starting to grow on me.

My arch nemesis Mister Cursor_ thinks: I vote for Poison Ivy, with full CGI plant mutations. Gotham Goes Green Campaign! Amanda Bynes would be a perfect non-mega star cast with a great range and energy level. Not bad considering there were some very non subtle political points made in the first two movies..why not an environmental one?

Again, I'm thankful to all the responses that I got to help me come up with something to post about. I'm not consumed with The Dark Knight in any way, it's a very hot topic right now in any circle.