Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Agony of Defeat

I've always heard people say that house shopping is the most painful thing that they've done. I know why now...the heartbreak can be immense.

We did find a house yesterday and wanted to place a bid, but before we could even say yes, the property owner accepted a bid and the place went under contract in the late evening hours.

It's just not fair. We both knew right away that this house was a good thing. I just feel crushed by it all, but I'm going to take the lessons learned and continue to plug along.

Treat it like a business transaction my ass. Not getting what I want hurts a lot!


  1. We are sooo... leaving a flaming bag of poo on their door step.

  2. I could maybe collect some cockroaches and send them over ;)
    I'm sorry to hear about the house, but you'll find another one. Just wasn't meant to be.