Saturday, August 23, 2008


Instead of my occasional random thoughts posts, I figured I'd try to force myself to really think about a few things and post them. The results will hopefully not be too hard to read.

My thoughts on Brett Favre playing for the Jets: I think it's great that he still wants to play football and I think he may have a year or two left in him. That is exactly what I was saying this spring when he was debating his retirement in the first place! I'm not even upset that he is playing for the Jets, this actually works out nicely for me. This way I can still pull for my Packers and reign in the Peterson era and watch and enjoy some Favre at the same time. So I am pleased.

My thoughts on my iPod Touch: *hug*

My thoughts on the housing market: I don't have a lot of nice things to say about the whole home shopping experience, I've also learned that there's really no one but real estate agents that have a single good thing to say about the whole experience. I have learned that home buying can cause grief so great one would think they just lost a family member. Janine and I have decided on two houses and both of them were lost in mysterious overnight deals. The word to describe us know is disenfranchised. So hopefully soon we will become homeowners and not have to deal with this terrible experience for a long, long time.

My thoughts on the Presidential race: Blah. Blah blah with blah, but I blah blah and blah. I'm just blah of it....already. And furthermore, blah.

My thoughts on the Olympics: I have to admit I've had some national pride watching us win some events, but I just can't bring myself to embrace a Chinese society which has forced labor camps, child labor, forced abortions, and no environmental policy whatsoever. So on one hand it makes me feel great, but on the other hand, it makes me feel like I'm supporting something that's much worse than many of us want to admit.

My thoughts on gas prices: It's a game of supply and demand. No matter how we might want to not admit this, we are an oil driven society and cutting ourselves from the teet of foreign oil is going to take a long time regardless if we drill here or not. Hopefully one day we can look to the Middle East and tell them all that they can keep their oil, but that day is far off no matter how much money we throw at finding alternative solutions. I think the key is conservation, not driving mopeds, but using some good common sense with the vehicles we choose to drive.

My thoughts on Janine: She is the love and joy of my life, and without her, I would be nothing. I am just lucky and blessed..very blessed. With everything going on in her life and the pressures of this whole house buying experience, she has not given up and so help me, as long as I'm drawing breath, she will find her home.

My thoughts on the new track from Metallica: I have to agree with my friend Sam on this, it feels very "...and Justice for All". I like the track and I really hope they can put together something that's a good throwback, but mostly I just want something that's good and loud. If they can keep their feet out of their collective mouths over the next few months, they may actually get some of that metal cred back....maybe. They have to own that mature, evolved sound and not try to reclaim or hit uncharted territory.

My thoughts about Laundry: It never, ever folds itself.