Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Browser?!

One of the first things that I noticed about people's habits concerning web browsing is that once they settle on a browser, they settle on it. This year has been the exception. 

There has been a huge resurrgance to Firefox when they released version 3. Social networking, now a large part of net useage, even got into the browsing game with Flock. Apple introduced their native browser  by making Safari available for Windows users. And then of course there's Opera which is probably the most under rated browser ever created. I do get to enjoy it in some part on my Nintendo Wii. Microsoft has been working fast to get Internet Explorer 8 onto the market touting it's web standards compliance.

So what's a web surfer to do with all these great tools? Well, you make the game even more interesting by introducing yet another browser. One that is faster and better equipped for cloud computing. Along comes Google's Chrome. I have been using it for about an hour and I am truely impressed by it's features. The speed and reliability so far have been great. Check them out for yourself here and give it a try, even if you are thinking you need another browser like you need another hole in the head.

One more hole in the head is not going to hurt a thing, in this case.