Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catching Up

So I've been posting little blurbs here and there, but I haven't really updated anyone on anything in a couple weeks, so I figured I'd take your time and this space to give everyone that update.

The house hunting continues. We haven't made any decision towards any house at this point, but we are going to take another stab at things later on this week. The market is working to our favor with interest rates creeping down a bit. The Fed could have really helped by dropping them just a bit more, but they are fine where they are. I just hope they stay where they are for a few more weeks.

Janine and I went to visit Sam and Jessi over the weekend to tune out from the world, play computer games, and relax..mostly relax. Always good to see our friends and we're always grateful for them letting us crash their place over the weekend. Happy Birthday wishes go out to Sam today, who is now in his mid 20's. Whew...that's just old. Take it from me!

That's really about it. There's the usual craziness at work, with our families, etc, but I get a sense things are just starting to wind down and the fall is about to begin. I know I'm ready for the fall season for a lot of shows. It's been a long, cable less summer so I'm very much ready.

I can't give an update without saying, Go Packers! Two and Oh, bay bee!

They looked good against the Lions last week. The defense stole the show (thanks to Charles Woodson), but Aaron Rodgers is showing to be a strong quarterback. He's going to have a time with the Cowboys though this weekend. You know I'm going to be watching, with much anxiousness, anxiety, and everything else!

The word is nervous.