Monday, September 1, 2008

New Material Coming...Now

I figure since I'm always talking about her, I'll let her get a few words in edgewise too. Janine has been the best thing that could ever happen to me. One of those reasons that I love her so much is  that I can talk to her and she's right on my level...well she's way over my level, but she comes down to mine.

She isn't a big time blogger or anything, but I've always encouraged her to share her thoughts, and why not let her use my forum to do just that. So you're going to see some content from her over the next several days and weeks, and I think it will add a nice element to The Lewis Show. I think she'll have a lot of good stuff to offer and I hope my readers enjoy and comment on her posts.

I am debating adding one or two more writers, it all just depends on where I feel lead to go. As I posted earlier, if anyone wants to contribute, I'll gladly let them in. I think it's time to make my blog a place for community, be it local or worldwide. Contact me (email link's above or comment) if you have some thing that you would like to add.