Thursday, September 25, 2008

Social Stinkworking

Things are really getting heated with the election coming in just over a month. One would think with everything going on, social networks would be a resource for collecting information, and discussing ideas and topics. One would think that people would practice restraint and tolerance with various opinions. One would thing wrong.

Social networks have an obvious bias and little room for tolerance for ideas outside of their own. I don't think I've ever seen so much snide, snarky, and outright mean posts and comments. On top of that, the trolling has gotten out of control. To say I'm disappointed with the state of social media would be a pretty fair understatement.

The problem with the big conversation is that most people have already made up their minds and nothing is going to change that decision. The same applies to me. So discussion about topics will never go out of style, but for people to post horrible misrepresentations about candidates is only going to turn most people completely off from participating at all. And that is where I stand. My participation will be my vote on November 4th.

I will always feel very lucky and blessed to have been born and live here in America. I'll always support and defend our foundational right for free speech, but that dosen't mean I'm required to hear everyone's garbage.