Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fourteen Days?

I think I'm going to hire someone to come and hit me over the head whenever I fail to post at least once a week. Just when I start to get traffic on the site I fail to post for 2 weeks. That's just not acceptable. So once again, I'm going to resort to tackling two birds, with one stone:

Bird Number One: What's up? Not much...there really hasn't been anything to post about as far as my life goes. I've just been working. Working the regular 9-5, working on getting the house cleaned and packed up, ready for the move. I'm hoping we can start closing next week on that house. Speaking for myself, I know I'm ready to have a house with a living room and privacy again. I know Janine is too. I know our roomates are ready for us to go too. I'm sure they'd like the space.

Bird Number Two: My plug of the week. Be it far from me not to drum up attention to a site or service once a week at least, and I'll try better to stick to that great Lewis Show tradition. This week, I'd like to introduce some of you to Archive.Org's Way Back Machine.

Internet Archive has been collecting and, yes archiving web pages, software, podcasts, basically as much of the internet as they can. It is really fun and nostalgic. Try my website out, you'll see the old black layout archived there, I'm sure if you've been on the web long enough, you have something archived as well. Sometimes all we need is a quick trip down memory lane.