Friday, October 24, 2008

Home Boy

So welcome to our house? Well, the front door is probably going to get very little if any usage.

The home inspection was today, which was actually a comforting experience. It's relieving to know that someone who really knows a lot about houses, and this area feels that the house is in pretty decent shape. I also had a good time just hanging out with Janine and our agent while we looked around and I snapped a few shots.

I'm pretty sure the first project is going to involve a paintbrush. The house has a lot of neutral colors, and I think it was a rental before the owner decided to outright sell the property. The hardwood is in great shape so the next project will probably involve shopping for rugs.

It didn't take me long to realize that no matter how good the house is kept, there are always potentially a million projects both inside and out. The fireplace is workable, but that's another project in itself. I think we'll probably seal that off for now and focus on other things.

The dining room is divided from the kitchen by this bar or nook. Right now, as you can see, it's a place to go over the mountain of paperwork that Janine has had to go through in this process. There are so many regulations and disclosures that she had to sign. I can't possibly tell her enough what a great job she's doing with purchasing her first house.

I do see those piles of paper getting replaced though with a couple stools and a newspaper. Okay, who am I kidding; two laptops, two cups of coffee, and two relieved and happy people.

And my last project, our magnolia tree. It's going to be a beautiful tree, but as you can see by looking at the ground, it's a leaf making machine. Fortunately for me, another big purchase we'll be making is a big honkin' lawn mower that does zero turns and can mulch up just about anything.

Yeah the nesting instinct is kicking in, and we're so ready to start our lives, and start these projects, and finish these projects, and start new projects, and so on, and so on.