Saturday, October 18, 2008

New iGoogle Pages

As iGoogle users have already noticed, their home pages have made a pretty significant change. Now Google is utilizing the home page into more of their services to provide a seamless experience with their services. Now instead of going from the iGoogle page to GMail, or Google Reader, you can use their canvasing technology to stay on the home page, while taking care of your Google tasks.

I like it.

I know a lot of people do not like it. I had to hear my Father, the Super Nerd,  rant about how his home page has now shrunk. Others just don't care or understand why Google would make such a move to drastically alter what's worked for them and their users for years. Ars Technica posted an article just a short while ago that Google may have found a way to use this expansive home page view to monetize, helping widget developers and the like.

The funny part of the article is the ad which was not prevalent before, but now is from Ars Technica. So not only is this a new way to monetize for developers, but for bloggers and tech pendant sites alike. Sometimes a picture really does say a thousand ironic words.