Saturday, October 4, 2008

October Plugging

I always promise to plug more sites, but I never get around to doing so. To break out of another slump, I give you Dipity . Dipity works as an online time line of events in your digital life. These days, a lot of our lives are on the web, and this service puts them all together. Anyone can use this.

Most everyone at least has a blog. Uploading your blog to Dipity creates a time line of that blog. A lot of people save and upload their pictures to a service like Flickr. With Dipity, you add those pictures to your blog time line and now you can start to see where this is going. For those with Twitter or Friendfeed accounts can do the same and the end result once you get your services uploaded, is a pretty complete time line which over time will create a great piece of nostalgia of what looks less like your digital life and more like your life in general.

So Dipity is highly recommended, I've even put my time line in the header of my blog.