Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do I Dare Complain?

It's certainly darker earlier.  We've been fighting off a cold for the past few days. I have a ton of packing still to do. I can't find anything. I'm super disorganized. My car needs to be inspected, get new tires, and have the signal fixed badly. My Mom needs to get better now! I need to see my brother and his family more. I need to be a better uncle to all my nephews. I'm forgetting if I'm coming or going. I am constantly exhausted. I don't feel like cooking. Gripe gripe gripe.

Despite the rough few days, I've never felt better about my life, my family, and my Janine. In this time of recession and panic, a few minutes to sit and realize the great things in our life, the sooner we can turn the above into the below. Think about it.

Then do the same.

Wintertime is so much fun, hot chocolate, soup, snow! (maybe). Nothing makes for a great night of sleep like Tylenol PM. We're about to become homeowners!!!! I have a car, it runs fine. I'm still very lucky and blessed to be able to pick up the phone right now and tell my Momma that I love her. I look forward to seeing my brother and his family soon. I do need to become a better uncle. I'm not getting older, I'm just getting more distinguished, wiser even. Exercise is my friend! I love cooking for my Janine. For Pete's sake, I can walk, talk, breathe, hear, think, reason, drive, and work...maybe I have it too good. We all have it too good!