Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pick the New Guy Day

I spent the day thinking up creative alternate names to Election Day this year. Along with the post title, I came up with "National Stand in Line Day", because of not only facing long lines at the polls, but at the Starbucks to get that free cup of coffee or to Ben and Jerry's to get that free scoop of ice cream.

I also thought of "Rain Day", because as long as I can remember, it's rained on Election Day, especially Presidential election days, which leads me to believe that Nature is not too fond of lines either. I was well prepared for rain myself, but lucky for me, the voting booths were inside this year. The local news reporters kept insinuating that I was going to be outside and standing in the rain to vote.

So what are my thoughts on today? My thoughts don't really matter in the grand scheme of things. I voted my conscious, but above everything, I am just happy to see so many people out and voting this year. I, to this point, had never stood in any kind of line to vote, and I used to vote at 6PM after work. Not this year. I was there at 10AM and there was quite the line!

More than just voting though, I really want people to participate in government. Voting is just the first step. Whenever legislation gets introduced or when something is going to get voted on, or signed by the President, it's important to make sure that all of our voices are heard. So take a minute and bookmark the sites below and be ready to take a part in the system..because voting just is not enough sometimes.

US House of Representatives
US Senate
White House