Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Update You Say?

Yeah, we're getting there, slowly but surely. The move went pretty flawlessly actually. Now that we have everything at the house, the slow process of unpacking all the boxes has begun. We carried three cats with us, Topaz, Maude (pictured), and Luci. So far they have adjusted well.

We have had a few distractions in the meantime. We went to Maryland over the weekend to visit Janine's friends (I can say they're my friends now too, they seem to like me). We all had a good time and got to witness another youngster enter his thirties.

We also did some siteseeing around Chestertown and I'll post some pictures soon. For now, we're both settling in, cooking at home, enjoying each other, and enjoying all this newfound space.We are completely without the internet for another week, so the blog will be pretty quiet still for a while. I plan on making a few changes around here once that FiOS is up and purring!