Monday, January 19, 2009

25 Things You May Not Know About Me

I have seen in some social circles online a meme of sorts where people list 25 things that most people did not know about them.  I figured I'd take a minute and give it a shot. This was kinda hard for me. I'm really just simple and plain, really:
  1. My first PC was a 486 Tandy.And I thought it was fast and a good deal at two thousand dollars!
  2. My first internet connection came thanks to America Online.
  3. The first site I visited? Yahoo!
  4. My Mom proudly admits to stalking my Dad a bit before asking him out the first time. That's right, she asked him out. In the early 60's!
  5. I've cried at 2 rock concerts. When I saw Live in 1996 when they played Lightening Crashes and in 2005 when I saw Iron Maiden. They were happy tears, overwhelming tears of happiness. Not very Metal of me...I know.
  6. I have crazy vertigo and curl into a ball anytime I'm on a plane and it's landing. I'll never skydive, but I love flying. I love flying! And traveling! Take me to a beach for instant bliss.
  7. My brother is the only person on this Earth that can make me laugh until I choke on demand. He also looks like the lead singer of Alien Ant Farm and Syler (from Heroes).
  8. My first concert featured none other than Tiny Tim. It was at a circus and I was 8.
  9. My favorite gifts ever? 1. Janine 2. My iPod  3. My first 3 wheeler from my Dad. I own my country roots now!
  10. My best buddy just got engaged. I'm so happy for her and Sam and wish them a lifetime of insane happiness.
  11. I saw KoRn in early '95 before darn near anyone else and predicted their super stardom.
  12. I fell ill overnight before two very strange days. The day the Challenger exploded, and Sept 11, 2001.
  13. I lost some close high school friends to suicide. I'm unfortunately no stranger to death and loss to suicide.
  14. I was a part time disc jockey for two radio stations. I was fired from both jobs in glorious fashion.
  15. My first job? Trash collection.
  16. I have no desire to eat ice cream. My favorite dessert is a warm chocolate chip cookie or two and some milk.
  17. I was training to be a volunteer EMT. I burned out quick thanks to watching Darwinism in action.
  18. The best advice I ever got was from my Mom. "Seek yourself first and then everything else will be easier to find."
  19. I love a good peanut butter and bologna sandwich or an egg  on a hamburger roll with jelly; both with sour cream and onion potato chips. Top that!
  20. I let someone put my hair in quasi dreads after high school. It ended up smelling like a dead rat and I had to shave my head! You can't just...undread.
  21. My biggest regret: Letting Mom and Dad down so much as a teenager.
  22. My first official car was a '74 Chevy Vega.
  23. I don't care for sleep. It just makes me groggy and feels like a waste of time.
  24.  I didn't realize that I was a geek until I was 25. I fought it with a passion!
  25. I owe most of my tech knowledge to Leo LaPorte. Tech TV was my cocaine.