Saturday, January 10, 2009

More House Pics?

Janine has done such a fantastic job cleaning up house that I had to show off a couple of pictures. The corner with the piano is all cleared out. It looks so nice. 
Here's our new entertainment center which can now house the flat panel, FiOS receiver, DVD player, and potentially a kitten or two. I'm also looking into getting gas logs for that fireplace. It's going to be so nice and toasty!
Speaking of toasty. We've been putting our new stove to work. It cooks everything perfectly. I made the best shrimp tempura the other night. That is one white stove though. We're going to have to paint the kitchen first. You can see the off white of the counter next to the stove and the wall.
One last touch to the new house. Our kittens find it sport to climb our front door screen. This was one habit that was cute for 15 seconds and then became a great source of aggravation. We had to break them of this little stunt quick.
And the last big project was putting all of our clothes away. We've pretty much knocked out that project so now we can have a nice clean, quiet bedroom. So now we're pretty much ready to start bringing in guests. Well, there is the guest room. That project will probably linger for a long, long time.You won't see pictures of that room any time soon.