Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Hungry

I don't do this very often. About twice a year, I clean out my blog roll and try to add in some new reads. I'm also trying to get reacquainted with Delicious, the social bookmarking site, in one fell swoop.

I want to expand what I know in many areas including cooking, technology, and heck, even some financial planning. It doesn't hurt to take a few minutes every day to try to learn something!

So I'd like for anyone who has a delicious account to tag their blogs to me. You just have to add the tag 'for:mlewis106x' and I'll be able to sort through them and subscribe. I sense that blogging this year is going to face a crossroads between the traditional post and reply method to the newer more social aspect. That step forward intertwines social news, social media, and social networks.

I don't want to see blogging become old media and I fear it's already on the fast track, so help me take this first step. The worst that can happen is you get one additional reader for your blog.