Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

Janine unfortunatley had to work today, but such is a life in retail. She was off last night and she'll be off tomorrow so we get to spend some much needed quality time together. We hit up a recent favorite for us last night for dinner. Awful Arthur's makes some great seafood and I'm glad there's one in this area. The last one I went to was in Roanoke and that was pretty much a decade ago.

I got her some flowers and chocolate for Valentine's Day and she got me Mario Kart Wii. I've been playing it all day and I'm sure we'll be playing some tonight and tomorrow morning. It's great, but dang was it hard to find. If anyone wants to add me, just leave me a comment and I'll post our license numbers.

I am also trying to get things together to purchase cell phones for the both of us. I think it's time to get on a plan, and she deserves a phone that she likes and I'm ready to go ahead and get myself an iPhone. Yippie!

I hope she had a good Valentine's Weekend. I'm so happy that she's in my life. I can honestly look towards the future and smile and feel safe knowing she loves me just as much as I love her. I am again so happy and blessed.

Tomorrow promises to be relaxing though, but hopefully we can get a lot of work done in our second bedroom. We have a lot of items that need to go into the attic and some things that need to be put away. Ultimatley it will be a den of sorts where people can stay over and sleep. We need to get that done for sure by the weekend of my birthday, Sam and Jessi are coming over to see The Watchmen and see the new crib!

Happy Valentine's Day!