Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brainstorming No More!

One of my excuses for not posting the past few months is that I've been "brainstorming" ideas for the blog. This has turned into an excuse not to post anything at all, so I remembered one of the techniques I learned in grade school when it came to coming up with material for writing.

So I give you some ideas that I came up with by "Free Writing" instead of just....thinking:
  • Irreverence Posts - Most of you know I have a Tumblr page that feeds the news items that I find interesting. Last year I would post my thoughts on those stories and it made for some pretty decent material. I became too lazy for such commentary, so I'm going to have a weekly recap, but I'll keep it short. Two articles short.
  • Commute Podcast - For a while, I was using the Utterli service via my cell phone to post audio updates and that was starting to go over well; people actually took five minutes once a week and listened to it. I plan on doing that again, and keeping things short and sweet. No more than a five minute post.
  • Random Thoughts - I miss doing this. I'm going to have my fun random thought post at the end of every month to recap things. The emphathis is on 'fun!'.
  • Article - I really need to post serious content, at least once a month. I'm going to plan on one short, but well researched article based on my life experience and current events. The goal is to be relevant and maybe entertaining.
Now here are some of the ideas that did not make the cut. The best part about free writing is coming up with some seriously crazy ideas. Who knows, I may try some of these yet:
  • Random Appliance Pic - I would take a picture of something in the house (not just appliances), and talk about it.Yes, it's lame.
  • This Week in Tweets - I know everyone's talking about the Twitter now, but in a year, it'll go the way of MySpace. It'll be yesterday's news. The tech crowd is fickle and already hungry for something new, especially since this Twitter is hitting the mainstream.
  • Ask Mikey - Really? No one is going to ask me a serious question and expect a serious answer. I'm not a professional anything and offering up my opinions to people's real questions would strictly be for entertainment. Like playing the lottery or getting your palm read.
  • Video Blog While Lawn Mowing - As I mentioned before, I'll be cutting a lot of grass this year. It would be a great idea to post a video podcast of me talking about random things while doing this loud yard work. Not.
At any rate, I'm moving past the idea stage and into the acting stage. I want this to be a fun place for people to go to find something fun and thought provoking. A man can dream. Stay tuned, my co blogger has a post coming up next!