Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Ides of March

I fear the incurable writer's block that I've been struggling with this year and my blog. I decided to post a week end post and go over something, anything. I think if I give myself deadlines, I'll actually start piping out content again. So what am I going to talk about this week...or better said, what am I going to talk a boot?

I was very happy to watch Martin Brodeur win his 552nd game as goalie for the New Jersey Devils. He passed Patrick Roy's mark this week. His next record is to win the most shut outs, and so on, but as anyone who reads my blogs know, I've always been crazy about my teams not only when they win, but when players achieve great things. It was good in these times to have some pride in something and to cheer.

So what about things at Chamberlayne Farms?

Janine got me a nice executive desk and Thursday night, I set it up in the guest room, and hooked up the computers. I'm hoping having this up and running and having room for my printer, and even Janine's laptop will get me posting more and broadening my reach on the net.

Tomorrow Janine and I will be visiting my parents. I'll try to get some springtime shots of the Northern Neck. I know the warm weather is going to be a welcome change and I look forward to not turning on the oil heat, but opening the windows and working in the yard.

Famous last words, right?