Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On Being Thirty Five

I had a very nice weekend.

Sam and Jessi came to visit and celebrate my 35th birthday with Janine and me. They got in late Friday night in time for a meal that I had prepared myself. I cooked some roasted potatoes and prepared some pan seared chicken strips. Yeah, it tasted just as good as it sounds.

We spent Saturday at the house relaxing while Janine worked, and then spent the evening together at the new Movieland theater watching The Watchmen. I personally enjoyed the movie. It's very engaging, and it confronts a lot of philosophical beliefs that we all hold by warping them in an alternate world. With that said, it was more graphic than it needed to be, and the soundtrack seemed off balance. I can never recommend this movie to anyone that is not an adult. It really pushed the bounds of it's R rating, but the overall visuals and storyline is recommended for anyone who enjoys the comic book/graphic novel genre.

We rested up Sunday morning before heading out to lunch and exploring our new neighborhood at the Virginia Center Mall area. They then left Sunday evening and Janine and I finished our weekend together at the house.

Yesterday Janine and her Mom took me to Red Lobster to celebrate my birthday. We all tried to go on Saturday, but the crowds were too big and we ended up eating at Ruby Tuesdays. I got a couple shirts, a gamer chair, and Janine is going to help me get things together for me to have a desk for the second bedroom. I can't wait to get that together! I never had a full desk/small office before.

I had such a nice birthday weekend. I took a four day weekend to relax and recharge. It was also enough time to reflect on my good fortunes and blessings, which we all need to do more, especially these days.