Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly Update

Things were quiet here at The Lewis Show this week. Janine got a rare week off from work and spent the week updating the utility room. It looks really nice and it's probably not fair to tease without showing off her awesome work, but the camera is in her car. So I'll take some shots tonight and tomorrow and post again the newer, prettier utility room. 
I don't think I could begin to make such renovations. Janine basically sandpapered and scrubbed the walls, patched holes, painted, moved out the washer and dryer, tiled the floor, put in wall shelves, and a hundred other things that I couldn't even fathom. While that's insanely hard work, it's the most rewarding work anyone can do. She's improving the investment that we made in this house. I'd like to think I helped, but it was mostly some help moving some heavy things, and going out for dinner. 
I'm so proud of the room. Our next big projects will probably be the kitchen and the window/door replacement. We'll take it all one day at a time and take pictures all along the way. 


  1. "Our next big projects..."
    love mean the next set of projects that she does and you take pictures and blog about? ;)

  2. Yes, that's exactly...wait a minute!

    I'm actually going to take a bigger role in the other projects. I just ask for extra naps..