Monday, May 4, 2009

Around the House and Outside

There's something new spotted in the house. This is a device of torture and pain! It's not really that bad, it's our new treadmill. We got a pretty fair deal on it and I look forward to putting in 30 minutes a day getting my daily dose of exercise. Walking is great though, it means I can tune out and listen to my iPod or put something on Hulu.
If you don't find me in the house this summer, you will see me outside for sure, hopefully using this new riding mower. Sears delivered it with a dead battery, so after they replace it for me tomorrow, I'll be riding. The rain hasn't helped either. Mother Nature knows when I'm trying to do something outside.
I could just go through my half an acre of yard with this weed eater, but that just sounds too much like work!
I think I'd rather sit around and play on the new DSi I got for Janine. At least I thought I was tonight, I have a feeling someone has it at work and is enjoying it during her lunch break tonight. It's a pretty neat device. I can't wait to play your classic and new Mario games on it and Janine is having fun with her problem solving and mystery games. This will come in handy on that train ride to Philly this weekend for sure! I can't wait to go.
Topaz will hold the fort while we're gone.