Friday, May 1, 2009

This Week in Thoughts and Pics

The dominating story is obviously this new and improved strain of the flu which has had a few reported cases all over the world. I like most people don't care for the hysteria, but I've noticed my hand washing activity has increased a lot this week and I'm seriously debating becoming a germophobe who refuses to shake hands. I think I'll take up bowing as our Asian friends do.

I don't see me changing any other activities. Janine and I are still planning our trip for Philadelphia next week and we're going to have a good time. I hope others don't give in to fear and with good common sense goes on with their own lives too.

Not a good idea to fly a plane a few thousand feet over the ground in New York City regardless of the reason or intent. I'm just glad I wasn't a NY emergency operator this week!

I'm betting some heads will roll over this flap and that's too bad. I'm hoping that some people learn to appreciate the art of the photo op, but more important they put their own narcissistic desires on the back burner and focus on running the country.

 I know some people that are going to be very happy when Windows 7 ships. Some reports claim that it could be rolled out as early as late summer. I don't want to get my own hopes up too high, because I would prefer Microsoft take their time and get this operating system right.

I still am yet to really use Vista, my Dad has had few but noticeable Vista problems, but the majority of people I talk to are looking forward to the upgrade. Besides, it's pretty.

I plan on posting three random thoughts a week. It's better than just posting them to Twitter. Besides, with my new retweet button that you see with my posts, you can just tweet my thoughts for me!