Monday, June 29, 2009

Celeb Mourning?

I came home tonight with the full intention of posting about recent celebrity deaths. I open up Google, I look for images to use, then I make an outline of what I'm going to post. Afterwards, I put up a title then post.  I'm pretty sure that's what most bloggers do, but not tonight. I was sidetracked when I noticed the volume of celebrity deaths in June.

It wasn't that I was blown away, I just figured, there are many people who have contributed a lot to society that would not get mentioned. I have heard over and over that 'these things happen in three's', but they don't, they just get noticed in three's. We mourn their loss not because we know them, we mourn them because we feel a part of our childhood passing away or we feel a chapter in our lives closing.

I remember watching Cannonball Run as a child. I thought it was hilarious. I wasn't surprised to hear about Dom DeLuise passing, but I was sad because I remembered not having a care in the world and watching a silly movie with my Dad. Ed McMahon's passing also was no huge shock, but when I reflect as you saw in an earlier post of watching Johnny Carson, I felt those late nights when Mom let me stay up pass away.

Michael Jackson sudden death hit us because his death was so unexpected. Those of us fortunate enough to remember the Thriller debut, all felt that sense of loss hearing that Jackson had died. I even had my parents buy me a faux leather jacket as a child because I thought it was a cool thing to do. I never met the man, but I looked back at that page in my life and realized it was so long ago.

Even loud but effective pitchman Billy Mays struck me, but not because of some childhood memory, but because of the recent fun that my circle of friends has had watching his dubs on YouTube or talking really loud like Billy did for laughs. I felt that part of our lives closing.

The beauty of life though is that we live on to make new memories, to mock new celebrities, to revere others and to enjoy them with our friends. It's not vain to feel sad and miss them, in fact, I think it makes us all kind of normal. Even when dealing with such a morbid subject we all at least still have today.