Monday, June 15, 2009

Hooray for Youth

As I posted a couple months ago when talking about the signifigance of services such as Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, etc in this world in getting news out quickly, the social internet comes through again.

As we know last week, elections were held in Iran with predictable results, but instead of the young men and women of their country accept those obviously rigged results, they began to take to the streets. With those services at their disposal, with an educated and engaged youth culture, and with the desire for equity and fairness that I know every Iranian posses, we saw the protests grow. But we did not watch the protests on traditional news services. They had very limited coverage with what was going on in Tehran and surrounding areas. And what can be better than this?

They're young. They're really freaking young. The next generation is not a waste, they may save us all!

People got to see the struggles and inspiration of these people through services such as Twitter from people out on the streets like Madyar. Now be advised, there are graphic images from the protests, but I cannot help but feel pride for them as they take a stand. I posted a couple pictures here to give some a general idea, but unfortunately that's all our traditional media is doing too. What a shame to see journalism die in a pool of it's own bias and self importance.