Friday, July 3, 2009

Hate Speech 2.0

I don't get on my political soapbox very much and mostly because my circle of friends and I don't agree much in this realm. I've always been a 'live and let live' kind of person especially when dealing with such a dirty and unfair topic.

No one at this point really knows why Sarah Palin has stepped down at this point. There could be looming political scandal, she could just be a quitter, she may have aspirations to run for federal office and need to begin the daunting task of unseating someone who knows he can do no wrong by 60% of our population at any time.

I know Palin is a polarizing figure. Everyone has a strong opinion on her and where she stands. So with the new and exciting, up to date, real time news breaking from social media, I thought I'd take a visit to Twitter to see what people are saying. Let's take a look (I am not giving these people the dignity if revealing their names..just cutting and pasting their posts):

Sarah Palin is a moron.

Just leave and shut up!!!!!!!!!

 What a maroon.

Sarah Palin, the moral matriarch moron...

 Sarah Palin decision not to seek re-erection as guv of Alaska

Sarah Palin can resign from the human race as far as I'm concerned...

too bad she dumber than a cocaine dealer on acid.


That woman is inept and inhumane.

GOD she's a dunce!

It does seem though that the prevailing opinion is that she's a relief from the endless Michael Jackson coverage, but that's just plain understood just by watching any of these media outlets on television. But that's another topic to be covered by a million other people, at any given time.

I tend to take the fourth theory as to why she's resigning. Intolerance and hatred. She had hinted that she's tired of constantly having to defend her family from cruel remarks to them or even her youngest child who suffers from down syndrome. We as Americans claim to have taken so many steps towards progressive politics and equal rights out of one sides of our mouths, but then turn around and spill hatred, intolerance, and ignorance towards someone of a different political standpoint with the other side of our mouths.

The day is done when this intolerance will be seen as cool or acceptable. It is time that we all, no matter what our stance is with our political leaders, to state our differences in a mature manner and stop resorting to vilifying or demonizing people just because they have traditional conservative beliefs. 

The same goes for chastising someone for being a progressive thinker. I think all this green talk is a waste, for instance, but I won't call a person that believes in it as a moron, or stupid. We are all Americans and we are all citizens of the world and we all have a right to disagree. So I guess I really just have one point:

Grow up and learn some respect.