Monday, July 27, 2009

Natural Born Storm Chasers

As I posted yesterday, Janine and I visited my parents. We had not been up there since our engagement, and it's always good to see them. We all had a good time and dad made barbecue ribs and homemade mashed potatoes. Can't get better than that.

That afternoon it started to get dark and windy. We both remember our younger days on the eastern shore and figured we were in for a whale of a storm. It blew over pretty quick, but the rain was falling sideways, trees were leaning over, it wasn't a pretty picture. So Dad and I do what we normally do when this happens..

Turn into a couple of Lookie Lou's!

Our neighbor lost a big tree. In fact he almost lost his new car if another tree didn't support the uprooted oak. The roads were covered in debris, and it looked like a small tornado hit, but there were no calls of one, and nobody had any damaged property that we could tell.

So we headed back home thinking the worst had past. After unwinding for a couple hours we went to bed and I almost got to sleep when BOOM, thunder started rumbling and I woke up to find the room in a steady flash of light. I think for a straight hour we had an intense rain and electrical storm rivaling only one other that I had experienced in Lynchburg several years ago.

The noise, the rain, along with the loss of power kept me up all night. I'm functioning today but barely. I can remember living off three hours of sleep in college. There is no way on earth I can do that now. We both made plans for tonight. Eat dinner then go straight to bed!