Friday, July 10, 2009

Our New Toy

My desktop computer was going on nine this year. If anything she was a rugged machine, sputtering with it's 1.0 Pentium 3 processor, 512mb of memory. I can remember not too long ago it was top of the line. I thought I was awesome with my 17" CRT monitor.

Janine and I agreed we needed something with a lot more horsepower if we're to play games, do proper desktop computing, and we needed a new and stable hub for our photos, videos, music, etc. I also wanted to get a computer now so I could take advantage of the free Windows 7 upgrade this fall and try out Vista while it still exists. One day I know it will be a thing of legend and I wanted to be a part of that.

So we decided to go ahead and purchase an HP similar to the picture. It's got features that we need like a 500gb hard drive, 5gb memory, Vista 64 bit OS, and a 2.8ghz processor. I'm still most impressed with the monitor. It's a fully HD ready 24 inch monitor. We're both still "wowing" the real estate we have on this screen to open a browser, open a media player, and still have room for the sidebar if we need it.

It's a sweet machine. I can just imagine having something like this 10 years ago! So I'm very happy and very thankful Janine helped me get it. Half the fun for a geek like me is transferring files and trying to break the operating system. So far Vista has run flawlessly for me. I've been able to attach all my old hardware with no problems and I'm yet to experience a glitch, crash, or have to reboot.

Except for updates, that will probably never change, but when rebooting takes as much time as leaning over to pick something off the floor, I don't mind a bit.