Saturday, August 15, 2009

My First Contract

So far so good.

I've never committed myself to a cell phone plan. I've always used prepaid phones. With the inception of smart phones, I began to rethink how I would use these mobile devices. I couldn't justify paying money for a telephone that followed me everywhere, but I can justify that phone following me if it can access the web, use email, and guide me to a good pizza place.

I debated between several phones over the past couple years with the iPhone always being ahead of the competition. They truly innovated the smart phone space with their release in 2007. Other phone companies tried to imitate their success which tragic results. I love the iPhone interface. I've had an iPod Touch for a couple years and ever since they opened their phone to 3rd party applications, the device became darn near perfect.

I only had a problem with the carrier for the iPhone. I could easily jailbreak one and carry to someone like T Mobile, but I figured since I already own the Touch and because it does everything that's great about the iPhone, I decided to look at other phones.

I started looking at the Blackberry. RIM makes a serious phone, but it has enough nerdy goodness to make it an enjoyable phone. I really wanted to get my hands on something like the Blackberry Bold, but they had the same issue with the iPhone, poor choice of carrier.

Then I turned my focus on the G1. The G1 is the first Google phone which runs on the Android operating system. Android is an open source project essentially which allows for open development and as far as I know a little more access to their SDK. I liked their qwerty keyboard, but it seemed clunky to me, so I decided to wait until now.

The G2, or MyTouch as T-Mobile calls it is right up my alley. It has no real keyboard, but it does have a basically functional virtual keyboard like the iPhone, it has a very simple interface, and best of all it runs that Android platform. I fell for the form and function right away at the store and knew I had to get one. What an enjoyable phone. My next post, I'll give some thoughts about it. There are a few annoyances, several disadvantages vs the iPhone, but I want to focus on it's advantages.

I'm not alone with my new cell phone purchase. Janine has also gone into the smart phone market by purchasing her first Blackberry. She has the last gen Curve, but I think I'm going to upgrade her to the newer model that just came out. She seems to really enjoy having it. She's already downloading apps, sending out lots of emails, and just having fun keeping access to everything right at her fingertips.

These smart phones will only get better. One day everyone will have these devices and it will be as natural to us as a land line telephone. You remember what those were, right? I remember.


T Mobile G2 MyTouch
Blackberry Curve
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