Monday, August 31, 2009

Our, er Janine's Netbook

The Netbook
Originally uploaded by Mike and Janine
Next to a sheet of paper, this laptop looks pretty small.

We've had the netbook now for a couple weeks and it's great to have one of these for web surfing around the house, for watching TV shows on Hulu, or for blogging like I'm doing right now.

The keyboard is really nice. I've gotten used to the layout of the keys. I thought that the keys would be small or hard to use, but this Acer netbook has everything pieced together really well.

It runs XP, there's one GB memory, there's a nice big 160GB hard drive, and it's fast. The networking features are great, I'm able to stream media easily from my Windows 7 machine.

Overall I very highly recommend everyone get one of these netbooks. It's not just great for people that travel, but even great for home use.