Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mashable Article on Posterous

Mashable always does a much better job than I do of posting on social networking. In relation to my last post, this shows the power of using Posterous.

HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Posterous: "
by Jennifer Van Grove

posterous headerThere’s something interesting happening in the space between Twitter and a full blown blog. We’re seeing more and more of our social friends turn to sites like Posterous for 140 character plus musings, or simple and fast photo and video sharing.

Whether you need a little more space to create a lifestream that serves as a compliment to your Twitter presence, or you’re looking to totally replace your existing personal or group blog, Posterous makes the transition and posting process dead simple. The Posterous possibilities are endless, and the best part is it that takes very little effort to maintain your site and attract a subscriber base.

We’ll show you how to get started with Posterous and play with some of the more buried features that make it truly remarkable. Use this as your guide to uncovering the gems that make Posterous a glamorous blogging alternative and the email-to-blog-to-everywhere platform that strips the hassle out of blogging.

Getting Started

file icons

Send an email with whatever content you’d like — photos, videos, text, documents, audio, music — to That’s it. Your Posterous is alive and well, no account registration required.

Of course, if you want take advantage of the extra goodies, you’ll need to claim your account, but if all you want is a hassle-free email-to-web blog then you can continue to email, update your site, and live happily ever-after.

Should you claim your Posterous, and we think you should, you’ll want to start by giving it a name, adjusting the site address ( or adding in a custom domain, tweaking your comment and image/video download settings, and deciding whether you want to keep it password protected or open for the world to see. All of these options are accessible by clicking Manage and then selecting Edit Settings.

Make sure you add the bookmarklet to your browser so that you can do quick web posts while you browse. The browser add-on will grab photos, video, and text from a page, so that you end up with effort-free, content-rich posts.

If your shiny new Posterous is too naked for your liking, you have the option to import content from Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Typepad, Moveable Type, and Xanga. Go to the import page, select your service, entire your URL, username, and password and then choose to either merge the entire site or just individual posts.

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