Saturday, September 5, 2009

Walton's Follies

Speaking for a lot of my friends, we all love to hate Walmart and yet somehow find the entire institution to be utterly fascinating. We don't like the crowds, but a lot of us go to see those crowds in their trailer park glory. If we're really honest, we don't go for the great deals we go to be entertained.

People of Walmart is an exposé into the quirky, unusual people, rides, and products that you see in and around our favorite discount department store chain. That also makes it my pick of the week.

So consider yourself warned the next time you need to head out for some groceries, a set of tires, a new XBox 360 game, and some hand lotion, because someone may be submitting your unshaven, frizzy bicycle shorts wearing picture to their site...

And we would all be entertained.