Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Internal Monologue

Twitter for me is the ultimate expression of self thought for the whole world to see. Talk about a random stream of mental hubris. What's been on my mind this week?

  • Nothing like having theme music from Super Mario Bros 3 in your head all day. I'm constantly stopping & asking myself why. I get no answer.
  • I did manage to buy a griddle tonight. Who wants pancakes?
  • Sometimes I like to turn on the GPS on my phone just to follow myself around. No wonder I always feel like I'm being watched!
  • I come home wanting a healthy snack. I leave negations with a cup of sugar free chocolate pudding and a fun sized bag of cool ranch Doritos!
  • I worked for a Blockbuster for about a year. I wonder if I can tell people that I was in the movie industry. Technically...I was!
  • I popped some popcorn. It's the simple things sometimes. Getting the scorched burned to hell smell out of the house though? Not so simple...
  • Just be glad you can't hear me sing. I can make a Celine Dion song sound much much worse than it is.
  • Janine told me I have ear hair. Question is, do I quickly remove such a horrible sign of old age or do as my grandfather did and braid it...
  • I said "H/T" earlier for hat tip. What if I don't wear a hat? Can't I just skull nod? I have a skull for sure! S/N® you heard it here first.
As you were.